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Grimes Chiropractor Offers Quality Care Tailored to Your Needs

Chiropractor Dr. Fangman has one goal in mind for his patients--to restore your health and wellness naturally. Discover how to move with ease and live your best life!

Get to Know Dr. Sam Fangman

Learn More About the Fangman Family Chiropractic, P.C. Way

Grimes Chiropractor Dr. Samuel Fangman and our caring practice hear your story, understand your pain, and want to help you feel your best. With our diverse care, including varying chiropractic techniques and health services, we are able to locate the source of your pain and guide your body back to comfort.

Since our beginning, we have been dedicated to helping our community live healthier, happier lives.

Today, we look forward to helping you do the same.


We Have You Covered

Our family-friendly practice is proud to provide a variety of services to meet the differing needs of our patients. From chiropractic care and other therapies to DOT physicals, pre-employment testing and screening, we can help you. No condition is too big or too small for us to evaluate, and no patient is too young or too old to seek care.

Our techniques and level of expertise allow us to carefully and specifically construct a treatment plan that is right for you. You are the perfect candidate for our care. We have you covered!